On Grief and Loss

A number of years ago, my grandparents sold their family home – “the cottage” – and I was devastated. That loss felt so immense, tangled up in memories of the past as well as hopes, goals, expectations for the future; the cottage was the place I felt safe, the place where I felt free and [...]

Sorting Books

This weekend, I pulled out a rather sizable stack (or rather, a few stacks) of books which had been piling up in the corner of my bedroom, collecting dust. I have numerous other books elsewhere in the apartment as well, most of which are situated neatly on bookshelves - ones I've already gone through and [...]

Have you immersed yourself in nature lately?

Recently, I participated in something called forest bathing. For those not familiar with it, the experience doesn't require actually showering outside, but rather immersing yourself in the natural world. The practice of forest bathing typically involves traversing a path with a forest therapy guide, who invites participants to mindfully use their senses and observe the [...]

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